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The cost to remove lead paint
 is so expensive ! Their must be an alterative? 

  ( There Is )
 Question to help you understand why
sealing lead paint is better then removing it

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Why risk the danger of trying
to remove the problem of lead paint
When we can encapsulate it and recoat your project with a finish that will be in
 harmony with the surroundings  of 
 your community

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A few Questions that helps our thinking on 
Dangers & Expense of Lead Base Paint Removal


1 - How much will it cost to have a 135' high water tower fully contained  so that we can sand blast and remove
 the lead base paint? Average Containment cost about $225,000 To $375,000    (  Save money Encapsulate it )


2 - If any lead base paint dust gets into the air, Could people in the area be affected?
 & If some ones does get hurt can our company become involved in a legal suit even if the job is contracted out?
Yes sir Think!
Let say theirs children playing down wind & they get lead poisoned. You think a lawyer won't come after every body "Think again"


3 - If the Contractor on out property accidently let's  lead base paint dust escape from his containment,
 Can OSHA & EPA   shut our whole plant down? 

Yes Sir" they have the authority and  " Will Use It"   for the safety of every one.


4 - When they tear down the Containment shrink wrap, how will they remove the lead base paint off the scaffold,
 with out contaminating the area?


The older clarifiers were painted with lead base paint To build a containment tent completely around
 a clarifier is about $85,000

You can see the dust. from sand blasting  with no containment
 Now Lead dust will travel for miles coating plants, trees, people, everything in it's path.

1 - Cost to sandblast & paint a clarifier  regular size  $45,000
with Epoxy primer and polyurethane.

2 - Full containment = $85,000
Equals  $130,000

The cost to use a Encapsulating ( No Sand Blast )
 prime coating and polyurethane finish = $70,000

 You save $60,000

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The normal epoxy primers cover over Rust

The Encapsulating Coating we use does more then cover up rust.

 & it penetrates into metal surface becoming part of the structure
 penetrating in to the surface of the metal itself.


Although  OSHA requirements are not new, the majority of Industrial contractors & Company
Staff Executives think their  plant managers' are aware of them.
Unfortunately, ignorance of the  requirements will not be an excuse if
  OSHA inspects  your projects and  or one of your employees is  poisoned by lead.


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Our products we use are patented encapsulation coating that acts as a full containment covering. This moisture cured polyurethane coating has been used successfully in the harshest environments; chemical fields, oil fields and rigs, and in areas that demand resistance to the corrosive effects of day to day exposure.
And is tested to encapsulate toxic elements such as existing lead-based paint, asbestos, rust and other bio-hazard materials.

With minimal preparation and no white sand blasting of the surface required, Our products we use  penetrates deep
 into and seals the pores of the surface. can protect and seal surfaces of steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass,
and many other substrates. It will seal out moisture and air with a permanent membrane and block chemical
pollutants that cause corrosion and deterioration.


 The Products we use are reviewed and approved by these organizations:
   1 -  USDA Product Safety Branch (approved for use in and around food preparations areas)
   2 -  DNV (Det Norske Veritas)  

   3 -  Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia Departments of Transportation
   4 - IMO (International Marine Organizations)
   5 - ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
   6 -  US Coast Guard


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